Colors add a lot of character to a room. It can enliven, brighten or have a soothing calm effect. There is a lot of psychology behind the spectrum of colors. Knowing its attributes will help create the right ambiance for your lovely home. Check out our previous post on 'Same room, Different color scheme'.

Colors can help to open up space, white, green, yellow gives an expansive feel. Red, purple and burgundy have a rich luxurious appeal when used well. Choose your perfect color combination for best result!

The combination of citrus yellow and red is full of energy and liveliness. The combination is perfect for spring/summer. Love the welcoming appeal!

A gorgeous combination of shades of purple with cool white. The color purple is strong on its own, but the different shades and pattern as here, breaks the intensity.

Green is by far my favorite color when it comes to mix and match! Its earthiness is cool and calming, love floral prints and different textures. Friendly and happy :)

A white on white to show how much colors bring to spaces. Its bright and expansive, white off can be a difficult choice, add some grays and black and it can be exotic!

And of course the best is a lovely fusion of different accent color on a neutral background. Each color has its own aura and brings a new dimension to the palette. Enjoy every bit of your choice, mix textures, shades and prints!

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