Here I bring some ideas for living room in different shades and color. The layout and use of colors will inspire you to recreate or to choose your own way of doing up your home. Get inspired by the lovely designs.

Powder blue, the softest of shade to bring out the lightness and airiness of the room. The beautiful pop pf green and pink add the necessary punch to enliven the whole set.

An unusual color with beautiful result. The room is calming and soothing with the relief of white and green. The variety of prints keeps it interesting and stylish.

Peace and symmetry! I love how this room brings together the boldness of blue to the airiness of the billowing curtains in lovely shades of blue. It adds to many shades to keep the eye roving. Lovely !

This color is so classy and compliments wooden shades of brown. The mantle is the focal point with interesting wall paper and the lovely accent pieces.

There are so many shades of blue here, and complimenting it is gray. An unusual combination to jazz up the room. A perfect soothing space to unwind after a day.

This room is so stylish and it makes the space vibrant. The room is small in size but the effect is gorgeous. Perfect for the stylish who would love oomph.

Perfect for lounging anytime. The design is clutter free and simple. Easy to recreate and gorgeous to live in. Light and airy, soothing to senses.

Let the color speak to you. Choose according to your personality and lifestyle and create the design around the color.These design ideas will help you do just that. Get inspired :)


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