Its important to have a place uncluttered, organized and efficient for productive work. Home office should be all that as well as comfortable with lots of lighting, space and the environment should get you going !

Its all about style and functionality. Choose the style that suits your taste and bring in functionality and ease of modern technology, and you have a perfect solution. For modern spaces and apartments the space designated should also be considered, simple but holistic.

Here are few of the ideas for home office design I have picked for you.

Retro Chic

This design uses natural source of light, is tastefully done and is simple in its approach. A mix of accents and elements that drives your imagination and makes it a welcome spot to work.

Energy of Orange 

Orange is a beautiful warm color which radiates a lot of energy and positivity. Using it bring spirit of industriousness and optimism. Dress up the area with some choice accents and you have a nook transformed into a beautiful workplace

Vintage in black and white

This design for home office has some really interesting collection of artifacts and paintings. This personal touch adds to the enjoyment of working. Keep it clutter free but do add a few accent pieces that brings happiness and pleasant memories.

 Spacious and Stylish

 This design is so inviting for the simple reason that it brings in 'nature' to rescue the tiredness of a days work. Using real plants and placing the table for natural light, harmony of green and white, it all comes together to create this fabulous home office design.

Modern in black and white

 For places with space constraint, this ideas works perfectly. The streamlined table and chair, a stylish decal and minimal accent all work beautifully. If you are looking for a design on a budget which is functional as well as stylish this should inspire you.

Classy and Modern

The idea is to bring in together larger furniture and smaller items like art work and lighting in a way that makes for a beautiful space. The functionality is essential for any home office design. The layout is simple and the cool colors work so well.

Masculine and Chic

This space is full of unique artifacts and the space is definitely male. The shelves in black, and the strong impact of colors like red and black are irresistible. A very interesting idea for an interesting personality.

Apartment style : Simple and Compact

This is one beautiful setup for small spaces. A compact space like a coat closet,  is utilized to full extent. with wiring and some extra storage this is surely going to be a favourite for many who live in apartments or do not a too much space or resource at disposal. The colors make this space so lively and fun.

Shabby Chic
The simple cupboard has been transformed into a work station for home office. The uniqueness lies in its simplicity and a solution to an easy makeover. Working from home and yet not much to invest, this might just be what you are looking for.

All these designs are to inspire you to create your own perfect space. Borrow from one or use ideas from all to create your own stylish and beautiful space. Get inspired !


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