I Love to see furniture pieces which are functional, unique and embraces natural form. It has more to do with retaining the original shape and form than taking away from it. These furniture not only pleases the senses it is also a way of celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

I have put together some designs that have the appeal and beauty to inspire you to look for one for your home.

The branches are the focal design that make this table so fabulous. Love the way the knots and imperfections have been left untouched, adding to its character. Beautiful piece of art !

One can look at this table from any angle and appreciate the beauty of form. The different colors of the core and the interesting way its put together is so impressive. A conversation starter for sure.

 The design is inspired by a tree and cast in metal. For those who love nature and like the convenience of metal. It does not lose any of the charm,the glitter of metal and form catches ones interest for sure.

Another design which is an arty assembly of branches and wood. The design is so engaging and refreshing. It goes with any decor and color scheme and creates a place for itself.

This is how it should be celebrated, nature in its truest form. No wasting of wood in carving and smoothing, raw and beautiful. A perfect coffee table and a tribute to nature.

It is wonderful how we can all make the best of what we take from nature and use it to the full potential while keeping it aesthetically beautiful. If we can cut on wasteful furniture design and turn to natural form it can be inspiring and so rewarding. I hope you all get inspired too !


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