Here are some fantastic ideas to do up the walls of your home. Take a look at my other post on Designer Walls for more ideas.

Soothing green for pleasant affect with flowery design. Simple and tasteful! Looks amazing with the shabby chic white table.

Combination : Sap green + Forest green + Pink + white

Simple sophistication. This wall design looks specially good because of the accent colors of white and yellow.

 Combination : Yellow green in muted shade + Yellow +White

A pop of green brings out the depth of brown and white wall paper design. Interesting animal pattern with floral detailing. Retro modern look.

Combination : Brown + White +  Green

Feminine and cheerful. This look is neither overpowering nor cluttered. The colors blend beautifully to make a pretty impact. The sheers together with the dark pink.

Combination : White + Pink + Mauve

Refreshing teal and brown against ivory white. Retro inspired pattern. This wall design is one of my fav, the wall pattern just transforms the corner from ordinary to inspiring !

Combination : Teal blue + Ivory white + Brown

Green is a beautiful shade for indoor with lots of natural streaming in. The combination of ivory white and steel and the dash of blue and pink creates a cheerful and elegant space.

Combination : Green + Ivory white + Dash of pink and blue

This is a gorgeous design in red brown.It speaks of festivities and sophistication. The color mix is simple and the result is stunning. Great way to let the walls dictate the look.

Combination : Red brown + White

Wall design in a beautiful motif, strategically used can create a stunning look. This gray stone wall paper makes for a beautiful focal point. As stylish as it gets.

Combination : Grey + Black + Brown + White

Check out my previous post on wall designs and this is just the second part. I will be doing more posts on wall designs and ideas to use them to decorate your homes.


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