Gypsy decor is for the boho and young at heart. It includes all colors, beautiful patters and lots and lots of elements coming together to create a unique look. Think of putting together vintage pieces from the 70s to adding kitsch cushions from India and colorful beads from Africa and decorative pieces from Russia and still have a beautiful unique space that indulges the senses.

Bring together beautiful prints, swatches and create a wall of multi-facets and beautiful colors. How cool does it look.

Go for the funny and bold, add the zing, create your own designs. Bring elements uncommon together to create a unique gypsy decor.

This totally represents variety and fusion. The wall has images vintage, painted, thrifted, collected and they just hold up ones attention. Lush color and gold details. Love it !

Bring in colors ! Make it dramatic by all means. This beautiful colorful chandelier is just that, beads and faceted crystals to add to your Bohemia sense and home decor.

Infusion of furniture and art from around the world. Gypsy theme and decor is simple in its principle of all encompassing. An eye for aesthetic is essential to do justice to this look.
This bedroom has a gypsy look with all the colors and elements. The canopy bed, colorful rug and salvaged table. The theme is an idea to use all that's available to create a beautiful decor.

Each piece in this design is a conversation starter. The color and patter is rich with a warm and fun feeling. The whole look is uplifted by the wall design and colorful rug. Pretty indeed !

If you are looking to put together a few stray pieces of furniture and your favourite paintings with a lush affect, try the gypsy theme. The decor is easy and thrifty way to come up with a beautiful home design. Inspiring :)


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