I am so in love with yellow with summer around. Bright and sunny with lots of energy and positive vibe! How about a good look at different ways you can use yellow in your homes, I came across some beautiful designs for all different rooms which beg to be shared :)

Yellow is my favourite specially because it uplifts my mood immediately, who can resist the charm of  sunlight and the immediate warmth (a brighter shade) to the cool lemony. With a hint of green, white or even black (!) give yourself a chance to experience the beautiful color. I here present to you my pick of home ideas in yellow.

Living room designs in Yellow

I like this arrangement for the beautiful mix of colors and the elegance in it. With yellow as the dominant color there is an eclectic mix of red, green, blue, pink and even the golden from the mirror frame. This just goes to show how well yellow allows accent colors to play up. The room looks beautiful with white and yellow and the natural light streaming in.

My favourite are the lovely yellow patterned cushion on the love seat and chair, instant makeover for any room :)

Yellow is a versatile color and blends beautifully with white and black and looks stunning if the mix is right. With just two colors (white and black) this room looks uncluttered yet a very polished and elegant. The white just pops out against the walls while the black adds the sense of drama to  it.

This is a look which is so easy to achieve, keep this as your reference for a stunning look for your living room.

Another layout and expansive room but the color mix remains the same. White and yellow,with a little of back/brown for accent. Simple and clutter free. It has a zen affect. The accents, bottles and vase and the painting all of them mimic the yin and yang with yellow as a muted background.

A unique living room with very interesting elements here.

This next picture is one of my fav for the lovely shades of yellow in it. The pale muted yellow on the wall which shines with style, and the retro whimsical cage light. I love the whole look including the chair which is absolutely gorgeous with the multicolor swirl cushion on it.

The accents are just too cute and I love it !!

A dash of yellow can cheer up any room, from warm to elegant and the numerous shades of it, its just up to your creativity to make it your own. This sunny color goes well with almost all colors , from royal blue to lovely green to pale pink and the dramatic black and white.

I shall bring to you (next post) some designs for Dining room/space. This color is absolutely fantastic for this special space which holds warmth and some of the most beautiful memories for any family.

P.S : Do leave some love and let me know if you have any feedback and requests :)


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