Having a baby is probably the most wonderful news for the parents, and it comes with a lot of preparation and anticipation. I have some wonderful ideas for parents who would love to do up a room for their baby. Because the design and color of the room would be soo vastly different for a baby girl or boy, I am taking it in different posts.

In this post I bring to you some beautiful ways to do up the room. I have done a post before..check it here; here I am showing some designs for a baby GIRL :D They are so precious the little ones that any amount of trouble is still little compared to the joy they bring.

Design in pretty pink with flowers.

What more could be more girlie than pink and pretty flowers. This is so beautiful with butterfly and flowers and lovely shades of pink to it. Go all out and pick up the favourite bits of fabric and design your own room with a little inspiration for this.

Break the monotony with brown and green.

Since pink is a choice by default for all little girl's room. How about using some more colors for a different look. This design is just that with the brown color on furniture, the brown butterfly print shows up beautifully. The green is so refreshing . In all a beautiful way to do up a room for a little cutie.

Pale green with pink and white

How pretty can it get? Pale green to offset white and pink, and a dash of mellow yellow! The design is simple and pretty as it should be, for a little baby. Pink and green is used in various accents too. I love how the lamp shade has been customized. A great way to do up your own.

Too much pink ?

Pink can be a little too much, s how about ivory? or the palest shade of pink possible. This design is fun and cute and pretty and yet not too much of pink. The color red is dominant with a combination of green and blue. love the ruffles and the flowers on the wall.

A hint of Pink ?

Okay we might not like too much of pink maybe but a little hint of pink is still beautiful. This might be just the design for you. Its pretty and not too cluttered yet with the retro touch of circles and cute lamp,not to miss the adorable chair, this design does beg consideration. Love the almost zen affect in it.

Sheer purple with brown.

This might not be a conventional color combination for decorating a baby girl's room but beautiful it is. Purple and brown is a good combination for any area and here the detailing is such that it makes for a very attractive design. Love the itty bitty chandelier there, perfect for a little princess.

Having posted on ways to do up your little princess room I have to do another for the apple of your eye too; one for the little blue eyed boys :) Watch out for it.


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