There is something so satisfying about being crafty and using our skills and creativity to decorate our homes. Upcycling/recycling has forever been my favourite craft, and I am on a constant look out for new ideas. Thanks to so many crafty people across the globe, I have a selection of really awesome ways to use your stash of vintage or new buttons.

Take a look and if you have a bunch of random buttons lying around, take up a project and see how pleased it will leave you at the end of the day !

Decorate your curtains at no cost at all !

Just a cute bunch of buttons and a simple curtain can be transformed into  work of art. I love how little effort it takes to achieve such a beautiful result. Cost effective and easy to do :)

Planters from recyclables

I thought this was  just too good to miss, cans and corrugated sheets (salvaged maybe) and a handful of buttons to achieve this beautiful summery look, pick your bunch of wild flowers or throw in some seeds for your own garden. Redo your window sill maybe ?

Flowers that wont die on you ?

From interesting planters to flowers made with buttons. How much cuter can it get ? Simple do make and will leave you with a smile every time.

Wreath of buttons for the shabby chic !

This is surprising simple and leaves a great impact. Some beautiful mix of buttons, same shade or fun with colored ones, glue gun and a cardboard ! All these come together for this stylish decoration. Go raid your drawers now :)

All buttoned up frames ;-)

This is an easy craft for teens. Just paint the frame with the same color as the buttons you would like to use. Very forgiving in case you leave gaps or you might like to really do it up with loads of them in layers. Use white glue and I am sure lots of compliments will come for your little ones.

Napkin rings too!

Add a dash of cheer to your table setting as well. Scraps of fabric in pretty colors, a few buttons and you can have a interesting set of napkin holders. Great ideas for your picnic or summer party too.

Chic and stylish coasters.

Did you come cross a bag of buttons in a thrift shop or just a little too many left over from a previous project? This is a great way of salvaging ! The colors shades of thread gives it the uber chic look and you will leave your guest gushing over your craftiness.

Curtain holders the diy way.

Easy peasy !! Just a beautiful shade of ribbon to compliment your curtains, some buttons to sew on and you have this beautiful curtain holder all custom made ;)  If you have been looking for a set of curtain holder and not been able to make up your mind use this idea to make some yourself.

Crafty kids at home ?

If you have kids who love to do craft, this would surely leave them pleased. With minimum investment what a beautiful set of decoration. Cute as only buttons can be I am sure this is a set of simple yet gorgeous center pieces.

Jewelry for the funky !

Now that summer is here don your own creations and enjoy all the compliments that come your way. Old neck chain, some jump rings and a selection of button. Search online for your stash of buttons if you do not have it yet. They are cheap and with so many ways to use them you will end up only making loads of craft. Use them for earrings or make a locket with a bunch of them on a large jump ring.

With so many ways of using buttons I am going buttons myself :P So get your creative juices flowing and hunt for interesting buttons to make your own set of decorations. Easy and cost effective way of doing up your place.

P.S : If you have pictures to share of your craft, send me a message nd I would love to post it here.


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