As said, after doing up living room in yellow I am back with some lovely ideas to use yellow in the most loved space in your home. Yellow is such a vibrant and fun color that using in any room brings in lots warmth and cheer. It blends beautifully with white and a whole range of colors to be among some very versatile. Use it a little or oodles of it, go for the perfect balance for yourself.

Dining room designs in Yellow !

This is for someone who loves to build memories piece by piece with lots of love and memories for posterity. Its lovely in the way the sunlight filters through the window lightning the whole room with white popping againt the pale yellow. I have said before and this bears again how yellow fits in so well with so many colors, the right shade of yellow is the biggest decision you may have to make.

I love the popping pink in the room with dashes of green.So fresh and lovely !

This dining room is in ivory and yellow, with red and green accents thrown in. totally love the hardware on the hutch and the beautiful porcelain. If you really wish to use yellow to its best affect use it in a sunny room, its just to amazing how the room looks to cheerful and fun with light shining in.

This look is specially cool because the walls are a neutral ivory shade and yellow is used only on one piece of furniture. This leaves a lot of scope for redoing the room in other shades as your heart wills, without the pain of repainting the walls.

Yet another dining room which is super elegant and stylish. Everything in this room is hand picked with care and goes to add to the complete effect of the room. The dashes of black in the ivory and pale yellow is the defining factor, see how the black crystal chandelier immediately draws attention.

The shabby chic table among all the beautiful pieces is such an interesting choice and it blends in so beautifully.

After the expensive look above, this look so much more cheerful and fun :) I am soo partial to this ! The vintage looking chairs and milk glass lamp with retro china and glass, I could snag all of them if I could. The look is simple and has a lot of impact. It is carefully chosen and each piece is radiating with positive energy.

I would absolutely love to do up my room like this if there was enough sunlight streaming in.

If painting furniture or wall in yellow is too difficult a decision to make, try with simple elements. How about a table setting in yellow to see if you fall in love with it? As I have said before, yellow is very versatile and a lot of colors go with it beautifully. Choose your shade carefully and you will love it !

If there are any other color you would love to see home design in, leave me a message and I would love to do it too !


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