I am totally smitten by home designs that revolve around a theme, it may be a color, a set of colors or even a pattern. Today after posting home designs in pink, and bedroom designs in black and white, I am bringing to you some really fun and classy designs in Stripes!

Stripes is such a versatile theme to do up your room or homes, it can be put on the wall, with bright colorful parallel strips, or just a colorful striped rug to break the monotony of the design. You will be amazed how it can be used to give a fun, to classic, to eccentric, to the most elegant. The ideas I am presenting here will help you decide the 'dosage' of stripes for your perfect room design :D

Living room designs in Stripes

This design is so classy! The eclectic striped painting on the wall breaks the monotony of the blank wall and engages the eye in the very first view.

Take the stripes to the wall and how I love the effect ! The room looks complete even with almost no decoration, its bright and colorful with a calming effect :)

This living space could have been way too formal but for the fun striped rug which brings in so much warmth to it. Colors of steel grey and black gels with the decor too.

This living room has a charming center table with multicolored stripes. The same colors are co-ordinate in the whole room, specially the cushions, to give it a complete look.

Bedroom Design in Stripes

This design shows how a simple striped rug can bring a refreshing to this dual tone room, just a little green and blue on the rug makes it so special.

This is a kid's room done up in rainbow colors. A delight for eyes! and will keep the mood happy and creative.

Striped Wall Design

The purple on the wall gives it such a distinctive look.. The satin finish almost shines, and coupled with some basic iron furniture its just so awesome.

From the formal purple to these funky bright blue ! Interspersed with some yellow and green they are so cheerful. With accessories and linen in matching colors its a very unique design.

Wall Art in Stripes

If you are not too sure about going the whole way, decorating the wall with stripes, try adding a few wall art in stripes instead. You will have a totally new look without much trouble. I totally dig this design! It looks like colorful bar coding :D

And this is another such inspiration, so colorful and yet not distracting, the lampshade with the stripes is 'oh co cute' ! Complete winner for me :)

Bathroom Designs in Stripes

Love the mirror !! Who wouldn't..add a little cheer to everyday life. A couple of framed art and those designer towels in beautiful stripes. Its so easy to recreate and a stunner too !

How about using different patters of wall paper to add the extra oomph to your room! The red and white stripes is so lively and energetic. A little dose of stripes do go a long way !

Some More Ideas

A lovely patchwork curtain in beautiful colors can add interest to any room.

An ottoman or storage box in pale green and chestnut is simple yet elegant.

Another storage idea, mini dresser in pink and green perfect for a girl's room !

A side table with stripes running across, brings freshness to the regular.

Yet another example of utilizing stripes to add to the design and decor of the room. Little details like the green bowls with flowers makes it so interesting !

I have presented ideas in stripes for wall, floor rugs, upholstery and furnishing. Its so easy to use these ideas to transform any room, with a little inspiration and creativity you can do it too !


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