I am sure most of us have our favourite color and what better way to use it than to put it into our homes ! All li'l girls love Pink and most of us don't grow out of it completely ;) So whether its doing up your girl's room or using a good patch of pink in your home, the designs here are all that you would need to get inspired.

Pink is such a versatile color, from shocking pink to the lovely pale pink, the entire spectrum covers 'mischievous' to the 'elegant'. So here are the designs which cover all the rooms (almost) from Living to Dining to Bedroom and a Bathroom too !

Living room Designs in Pink !

This Living room is in different shades of pink and in different materials; The wall paper, pictures, cushions and the wall, interspersed with a neutral white to bring out the classic elegant !

This is another design with lovely shades of pink making it so interesting and the applique of butterflies on the cushions most definitely makes it a girl's room. Love the drapes :)

This is the most elegant! The palest shade of pink and white makes it ethereal..the wall paper is just so interesting !

This is the simplest and the most beautiful combination! Pink with green..how it transforms the room giving it the punch as well as the serenity. The curtains and the cushions make this place.

With just one shade of pink this design is so chic ! The cushions and the wall art are interesting while the chandelier makes it so gorgeous !

This is THE little girl's room ! Love love it..and who would not ?

Bedroom Designs in Pink !!

If you love pink how can you not love this ! It's just the right amount of pink to transform this bedroom into extra-special. The single pink flower on the side table is just the perfect touch.

There are so many ideas in this room that one has to just look to get inspired. The dominant pink in the quilt set is just lovely !

This is so easy to replicate and is such a eye-catching design. Pink and green do look so good together !

Dining room Designs in Pink !

This is again the same combination of green and pink and the two colors are used in all the accents, curtains, bowls, cushions, wall clock..everything !! So exciting :)

Just the little dash of pink to make it special !

Beautiful and bright ! Pink with white and green and all the lovely colorful flowers thrown it. Holiday spirit I say :D

Bathroom Design in Pink !

This Bathroom has been done entirely in Pink...a little overwhelming but cute ! The truest Pink Bathroom ever :)

Some More Ideas !

A little bit of pink brightens any room..This storage rack in pink looks just so beautiful and refreshing !

This wall design looks great with an iron butterfly and flower. Grab this design and you will have a stunner !

I hope all of you have been inspired in some way ! Pink is very versatile in its different shades and these designs can be replicated in other colors and shades, so just get inspired and make them your own !


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