Bedroom are so much integral to one's home. Though it might not be the most open to view for guests, but it definitely plays a big role in your lifestyle and sleeping habits. A beautifully done up bed with linen that suit your taste and style is so soothing ! Take time to create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom, enjoy the colors and texture, sense the style and get Inspired !!

Duvet and linen set can add a lot of color and versatility to one's bedroom, an easy way to keep changing the color and adding freshness..with changing seasons, important events, make the best use of colors available to add vibrancy.

Check out some lovely images of bed-linens and create your perfect look !

This linen set is so pretty and soothing, it provides a clean look as well as keeps it light. A perfect solution for bedroom with lots of positive colors !

I absolutely adore the pillow cases, the embroidered leaves are just amazing :)

This bedroom set is so full of energy and vibrancy ! The colorful mix of cushions in different frills and patchwork can enliven any bed; especially love the pom poms on the pink cushion.

The brightness of the room with stark white wall makes the perfect background for the lovely colors. Keep the wall color neutral with colorful linen, too much of color contrast can be unsettling.

With wall in neutral white the colors of the quilt and patchwork cushions are simply captivating !

The under water scheme of blue and yellow is so beautifully brought out in the melange of pillows and cushions. I am so in love with the sequined mermaid pillow.

It is a great idea to choose your colors and pick pillows in different designs, it keeps the design interesting while adding elegance to your room.

If you like variety and re arrange your home with the changing seasons then this one is too good to miss. While the linen-set is quite simple with no extra frills or cushions, it still is full of freshness of spring. An easy way to get the outdoor cheer inside.

The side table in rattan and the simple arrangement of leaves in a glass brings out the very best!

I so love this !! Everything here is so colorful and vibrant, the blue and green is an unusual combination but the bed throw is so captivating ! The best combination for the gypsy girl in you :) Check out the details in the cushions, quilt and pillows, each of them have so much interesting happening.

The Chinese umbrellas is an interesting touch though much less practical ;)

This is for the more traditional who enjoy the clean look and brightness. If too much of colors bother your sleep then this is an ideal combination, soothing and peaceful.

The freshness of the pink and blue leaves motif is so relaxing !

Retro appeal ?! While this bedroom is a riot of colors, it still lends to the theme so beautifully !

The disco theme maybe? The lovely polka dots and zebra stripes in pink are such an unusual combination! The sequined cushions, retro chair,the stringed drape are so unique and charming !!

The round pink rug and the pink ball lights, all of them make this look classy and stylish !

Yet another inspiration in Pink, the canopy of sheer with colorful patchwork and border is so feminine. Add to it the ultra feminine butterfly cushion in bright pink and red, The colorful striped quilt is such a beautiful piece as are the matching pillows in satin.

This design is definitely too busy for some but which little girl will not like it ?

If neutrals are what you prefer and love the coolness and eternal appeal, this is just for you. The energetic orange is not too overpowering and in combination with white forms a perfect balance.

The design is simple and transforms the room into a relaxed comfort zone !

Blue is such a versatile color. In combination with green the look is stunning. The details of the bed linen and throw is just unsurpassed ! The beautiful quilting and thread embroidery add great texture and elegance.

I specially love the blue all around the place in bed rails, curtains and the lovely pillow covers. What an interesting set of toys too !

This is yet another set of duvet in blue. The cute motifs of sea horse and shell son the white and blue duvet is so adorable ! I totally dig the whole setting, simple white head board brings out the colors of the light blue stripes and blue curtains.

The starfish on the walls are just too cute to miss. A sure winner in elegance and beauty !

The romance of red! This bed linen set is just perfect for those with romance in mind. The energy of red and the lovely print of roses is just perfect for a couple's bed. This is easy to replicate and stunning at the same time.

The red accents in the room also add to the whole feel !

These ideas are just to help you decide on the color, theme look and feel of your bedroom. Take all the time to make your bedroom the comfort zone that it should be. Get Inspired !


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