Candles are everyone's favourite home accessory . And though it's not be difficult to get a set of candle you like, it is how you present them that shows your creativity !

Here I am presenting some ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect arrangement; These candle holders are unusual and really fun, I found them interesting and beautiful at the same time, so go ahead and get inspired :)

Birch wood is carved here into a set of candle stand, and votive candles are used in it. Totally earthy and has a lovely autumn feel to it. It can be absolutely free too ;)

All the inspiration one needs for this is an interesting birdcage. Simple rustic and absolutely charming !!

A fancy dinner planned? Get inspired..just scoop out some fruits and the most amazing table arrangement is ready. I totally dig this !

How about some spice ;) For a romantic evening or to simply jazz up the your kitchen for some spice and this is what you can achieve !

Have you got a collection of some vintage tea cans? or maybe some interesting boxes hidden away? Well, this simple arrangement asks for no more..get some flowers to add to the effect.

This simple arrangement is just some glass jars and paper could cut out a snow flake or any other design to adhere to the jar and what an effect. Simple and elegant !

This is the best and most stunning arrangement ever !!
All one needs to do is scrunch up some foil and place candles, you can even use left over candles in any size for it. See economical and OOK!

The arrangements I have presented here are mostly about recycling or upcycling. It can be simply a scrunched up foil or an old bird cage and even kitchen items. The next trio is just that, orphan cups and saucers, egg holders and glass bottles. I am amazed at the versatility of the candles, how they can transform old and drab into a stunning piece, please upcycle and recycle. You will love to show off your creativity and save environment too :)

Simple and stunning ! Get a bunch of egg holders and transform any corner into a masterpiece :)

A set of orphaned cup and saucer from the vintage collection? Something that holds a special place in your heart? Go ahead and make it into a enviable piece of art.

I love these candles with dried flowers and leaves on them, but you can use your favourite candles in this arrangement and watch the glass cast its soft glow !

I hope you have gathered some amazing ideas and are ready to make them your own ! Please let me know if you would like to share your pictures here. I would love that ! :)


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