When designing your home and deciding on the color scheme one of the easiest and simplest option amongst the whole array of colors and hues is Black and White !!

I love the drama between the two colors..and the impact the they bring to any room. I am sure with the pictures and designs here you would be able to see and get inspired ! And this has its positives as well..it is easy to get your interior in dual tones and balance white to get the feminine touch or use more of black to get the drama ; be it fabrics, wall color, accessories it is easy to select and you wont struggle to get the right shade or hue :) ;)

Make it fun with stripes on the wall or add the little extra with details of fabric, use wrought iron, leather or glass, the choice is really wide and with a little inspiration anyone can make this their own!

Beautiful use of texture adds charm and interest to this room. The motifs of fronds and leaves with the lovely appliqued curtains and bed spread gives it the extra touch of glamour.

Simple stripes with a unique wall hanging coupled with the interesting pattern of fabric !! Love it :)

The next trio is specially put together to show how balancing the black and white brings in the different attitude and look. It is really interesting and illustrates the point perfectly !

Photo frames, mirrors, paisley prints on pillows and flowers...distinctive feminine !

More of Black, straight lines and simple shelving makes it the Man's!

This is the perfect balance, serene and simple. Uncluttered but interesting and very pleasing to the eye.

What an effect created with a black chandelier and carved mirrors, absolutely exceptional !

Surely anyone can pull this off...inspired yet ??

Clever balancing of black and white.

This is how ostentatious it can get with huge mirror to rivets on the wall, the sequined cushions and shimmery silver pillow !!

Or go for the simpler, neat 'n' easy but absolutely chic!!

Get a whole lot of fabric in black and white and that is all the inspiration you need for this beautiful bedroom !

From Ultra Modern design to...

.......The absolute Elegant !!


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