How wonderful would it be to have interesting things in your home inviting people's attention and adding the zing to the mundane !!

One of the most simple addition to any corner are beautiful planters. There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to choosing among pottery, metal or glass...or how would you like fun shaped ceramic planters?? The different shapes and quirkiness itself can be so refreshing !

Don't believe me?!?....take a look and enjoy the few that I chose from the vast collection of designs and shapes that are available :)

How about a simple but unusual arrangement of tin containers ??

Eco Friendly ?? Sure!...just go ahead and use tetra packs for growing herbs in your kitchen !

Have an interesting collection of different about this arrangement ? Get Inspired !

This is perfect for crossing eco-friendly with eccentric ! The result is just fab...I love it totally :)

A little birdie has come to visit !!! This multi-pocket planter looks even more special with the birdie fixture on it.

These are my favourite !! Who would not fall for these dainty legs ? ;)

These little mischievous kids will fill your heart and homes with fun and warmth !

From naughty to elegant..there are ideas for everyone ! Charming isn't it ??

Do it yourself ! Convert any boring monotone to these bright and vibrant ones. Its so easy on your pocket too !!

Grass and weed to compliment your greens ? How ingenious !

Or this one of a kind made of pebbles and stones, with a little patience it should not be difficult to replicate :)


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