Remodeled House in Alabama Remodeled House in Alabama

Good Monday morning to you, dear readers! Sorry about not posting on Saturday and Sunday. We're about to move to Peru and I've been ...

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3:45 AM

Teen bedroom designs for boys !! Teen bedroom designs for boys !!

Teen bedroom designs for boys can be based on different themes and color schemes. The popular choice of themes include sports like soccer, b...

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12:46 AM

Country House in Spain Country House in Spain

What a lovely Friday, isn't it? Get ready to enjoy a dreamy house with stunning views in Spain. I love everything about it, the mix of F...

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2:18 AM

Gingerbread House in Sweden Gingerbread House in Sweden

This summer house located on the outskirts of Stockholm is called the "gingerbread house" and was built in 1887. The owners live i...

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2:28 AM

White in San Francisco White in San Francisco

This house went through a 10 year restoration. The owner, Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman's chose white and natural hues for all of her rooms. Co...

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2:43 AM