Polly Put The Kettle On Polly Put The Kettle On

Good morning to everyone! I have a row of teapots displayed on a shelf in my kitchen. Different styles of elegant teapots. But none of them ...

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2:17 AM

Wonderful White Wiving Wooms Wonderful White Wiving Wooms

I love looking at white rooms. They're a bit hard to keep that way (white) when there are children running around at all hours. Hope you...

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3:43 AM

Small Spaces for Tulis Small Spaces for Tulis

This post is especially designed for my daughter who is moving today to her one room apartment in Paris. I have some more pictures and will ...

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2:33 AM

May I use your restroom? May I use your restroom?

But of course! Pick the one you like best! Good, beautiful Sunday morning to everyone! It's a lovely get out and enjoy the sun day (pun ...

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3:29 AM