White on White Summer House White on White Summer House

Hello dears! After a seven hour delay at Rio's airport we finally arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon. So, yay! Here I am in Paris, in ...

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1:50 AM

Paris Paris

Good morning to everyone. I'm off to Paris in a couple of hours! Hubby and I will be visiting our daughter who is studying and living th...

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5:33 AM

Restored House in Madrid Restored House in Madrid

Good morning dear readers. The house we're visiting today is located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid. Bought and restored by arc...

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2:58 AM

Interior Designer Susan Marinello's Home Interior Designer Susan Marinello's Home

Hello dears! I'd like to introduce you to Susan Marinello's work. She used to be a fashion model (isn't she gorgeous?) but now s...

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1:10 AM

French Inspired Beach Home French Inspired Beach Home

I have seen some of these photographs around but not the house they belong to. I found them all together and think they are well worth showi...

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12:16 PM

Shabby Chic Style Cottage Shabby Chic Style Cottage

It's easy to add all the colour you long for and still look great when the background is neutral. All the items you love simply pop out ...

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1:55 AM

Chateau Dior Chateau Dior

Not much information about this magnificent residence. Beside location it just said "download pdf.". Well I did as I was told and ...

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3:36 AM