The gloomy winter is gone, and its time to let the cheer and beauty of spring fill your home! Inspired by the lovely blooms every where, I have gathered some absolutely gorgeous living room designs in bright floral hues. Let the bright, vibrant colors transform the mood of the space. Hope these colorful living room decor leave you wanting some color in your homes too!!

Lush floral prints for upholstery. The sophisticated pastels is so charming. Mix prints to relax the effect, and add a variety of textures to make it more interesting!

Different shades of pink add depth to this living room done entirely in Pink and White. The vibrancy in this room is so unique. Floral print is used with such great result! Perfect cheery update.

Yellow and Green are such an invigorating combination. Green has a soothing effect, and yellow adds energy. Polka dots in black is so unusual. I could spend my entire day here!! My favorite :c)

What gorgeous wall paper! Red has special significance in orient culture. This stunning floral wall paper is the perfect focal wall for an interesting decor. I am completely blown away!

Vibrant bright colors have a lively fresh appeal. The bunch of bougainvillea in the fire place just sets the tone for perfect spring decor. Include lots of fresh flowers for a gorgeous result!!

Spring turns everything a delicate green. Bring the same freshness to decor. This retro mod looking living room is so appealing. Different shades and textures add a variety to this green and white living room. Heart the daisy pillow!!

Focal wall is a perfect way to change up the decor. Use a colorful wall paper to add an interesting twist to an otherwise dull living room. A perfect backdrop for spring-summer season.

Aquamarine blue with soft floral print. This shabby chic decor is so elegant. A wonderful classic country look. A lovely corner to enjoy some tea and conversation on a spring afternoon.

A gorgeous mix of colors and prints for a boho style living room. The deep purple and colorful colors come together for an eclectic decor. Love the red and teal rug. Absolutely love!


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