Spring has the quality of freshness and beauty! It is colorful and energetic and the ideal time to be outdoors. If you have been thinking about adding a garden to your patio, this post has some gorgeous designs to get you totally smitten!

Be it a small apartment balcony or a luxurious backyard patio space, make the most of the wonderful spring time and delight your senses with a fabulous garden. Enjoy an early morning breakfast or a romantic dinner in your own beautiful sensuous garden.

A select color theme and rustic appeal! Serene and stress free, unwind in your own oasis of spring bounty. Repurpose baskets, old crates, watering cans etc for this eclectic cottage style garden!

For a really small patio use contrast to work for you! Paint rails a neutral shade, and remember darker colors make patio look larger. Few bright colorful flowers will look clutter free. Perfect spot for conversation!!

Hang shelves from the rail, this way you can rotate the flowering pots! Use light weight pottery that can be moved easily. Make sure to leave the floor space open for patio furniture for you to sit back and enjoy!!

For those who love mature plants and topiary, this is a fabulous design. Add just a few mature plants for easy maintenance. Mix water saver in the soil for spring florals, to help retain moisture. Less of daily watering!

Choose your plants wisely! Consider the sun/shade, dimension of the patio, growth and maturity of the plants you are choosing. Visit local nurseries for suggestions. Use pottery of different heights to add more density and depth to your garden!

Mixing pots and urns of different size and shape can make for a very appealing look. Keep the color palette similar to avoid color clashes. The patio should look like a peaceful artistic adobe for your senses!

With the space constraint of a patio, boxes mounted on rails leave room for entertaining. Mix colorful spring flowers to brighten up the area, add small trees, bushes and create your own little zen world :c)


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