Love makeovers! There is so much character in old wonderfully made furniture that its sad to getting rid of them. If you have recently purchased or rescued a bland, boring or dresser in distressed state, I sure hope you find inspiration in the ideas presented in this post.

Get your creativity flowing and transform your furniture, give them a new lease of life and bask in the satisfaction of beautiful transformation! There are so many ways/ideas to add newness and color. Think of bright paints, vintage atlas, music books or even wall papers. Stenciling and decals are always an option too!

Renew damaged surface with coats of bright colorful paint! Sometimes its easy to just sand and paint a dresser to match a chosen theme, like striped here. Interesting colors and fun pattern for a teen room.

Another quick and easy idea is to use fabric cutouts and glue them. It is low in cost and high in impact. Use the same fabric as accent upholstery, a soft board or cushions for a complete transformation!

Specially cool for dorms and home office! Find some mod podge and use newspaper or magazines for decoupage. Its a neat way to cover surface damages and you score points for creativity too!

Dressers and cabinets can become pieces of creative expression. This oriental theme cabinet is so gorgeous! The newspaper base is easy, use decals to add more details. How quirky are those cord door pulls!!

When looking for makeover, don't shy away from colors. Use interesting prints and wall paper to create an absolutely unique furniture. Patterns and prints add depth to any space. Try unusual!

If you have a dresser without drawers or a bookshelf, its easy to revamp with a few baskets/bins! Its easy to organize, and totally customizable. Use colorful paper and mod podge to brighten it up.

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Sometimes the easiest makeovers are the most adorable. Simple red and white stripes, use carpenter's tape for marking. Add a vintage touch with salvaged hardware. Love the gorgeous gray backdrop too!

A lovely girly bedroom! Delicate floral decoupage to make a common side table more sophisticated. Use a sharp knife or buy laser cut paper designs for this simple yet elegant craft. Pretty!

Rescue a vintage magazine or music book and paste it over interesting furniture pieces. This french cottage decor is so charming. There are endless ways to decoupage for an ideal fit with your decor.

Those with fine painting skills have such a gift! The chest has amazing detailing to begin with , but the stunning painting elevates it to just exotic! How lucky to own an art like this.

Love the delicate ombre dresser, specially the sea foam color. Have you got a box of tinned sample paint? Use them to create your one gradient shade dresser. Its an easy project and completely unique!


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