The hallway is a part of home that should not be ignored. There should be no reason why it could not be stylish and functional at the same time! An entryway makes the first impact and a lovely welcoming decor would take the style quotient up a few notch. Including a console table or dresser, art, and mirror with good lighting will do the trick perfectly!

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Good tip for narrow hallway, do not over crowd, take it vertically up. A narrow console table with beautiful assortment of art and lots of wood texture. Interesting and so crisp!

Love the low bench with the focus clearly on the wall display. Sometimes pictures tell so much about the family, conversation starter and personal touch to the decor. Sweet!

A rustic mix of furniture and gorgeous vintage prints! This is vintage chic. The chest is absolutely perfect to catch all your keys, bag, lists etc. Comfortable and clutter free.

Shades of gray look absolutely amazing in combination with white and black! The simple color scheme is easy on the eyes and lets the print art get all the attention. Like the duo design wall too.

A cozy lived in feel to the hallway. Mix of family pictures and art, cheerful bright cushions in floral and warm distressed wood seating. Love the wooden alphabets. Fabulous!

Less is more, few basic furniture and some decorative items. What I love here is the unusual way of stacking the books. Neutral colors widen the space. Can't go wrong with mid-century accent!

If your hallway opens to the main door directly, place mirrors to widen the space and make the most of the natural light. The uncluttered look with lush plant is so inviting. Love the woods!

A narrow space can have perky personality too! This is so unusual and absolutely beautiful. The shades of blue look fantastic on white. Ornate neoclassical crossed with modern maybe..

This is just sweet quirkiness! A not to subtle 'bunny' theme going on here. This is so perfect for Easter!! Did you spy the almost hidden bunny on the wainscot? Cuteness overload! :-)

What an amazing diy! A sure way to impress your guests, just as they walk in. A decoupaged chest and magazine file. Swoon! You could choose your own clip art and check link for instruction!

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