Easter is around the corner!! Colorful decorated eggs top the list of my must do craft this month. If you are looking for some amazing ideas to make unique Easter eggs your hunt might just have gotten easier!

Some of the best way to decorate Easter eggs, food coloring and vinegar, water color, sharpie pens, felt pens, nail color. Decorate with sequins, glitter, pom poms, feathers, stickers, washi tape..the list is really endless!!

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Animal print is just so much in fashion! These are perfect for brown and white eggs, just get bottles of nail color or sharpie and get started. These would be fun and super easy!!

Very simple food color and vinegar dip. Use fine tip felt pens to doodle as you please. This would be so zen drawing the pattern. Love the simple sophistication!

A twist on doily and white glue! Cut out patterns of your choice, stick them on the eggs, color with nail color or acrylic and peel, or leave them for a more blingy effect. Done!!

A very fun and boho modern way to decorate eggs on Easter! This would be perfect for those who are looking for new inspiration this year. You could use felt tip pen and water color pencil. Sweet!

From Martha, tie a band of lovely lace and a quick dip in food color bath. Unwrap the lace before it gets too soaked. The lace will leave a lovely relief design. So neat!

Use plastic eggs and felt supplies. Soapy water is a favorite way to felt. It would be awesome to cut them open with an exacto and hide surprises inside! So heart this <3

A very simple scratch design on dyed eggs. These would be fun to make, keep the dyed eggs ready and carve at leisure. Has a sweet rustic elegance to it too!

Eco friendly and perfect for different levels of skill. White glue and check your kitchen for lovely colorful grains. Wild rice, split lentils, wheat, green and yellow splits, pour out your soup mix! :-)

Paint and decoupage for this lovely effect! Cut out bunnies, florals from tissue paper and add strokes of hand painted leaves. These would make gorgeous hostess gift too, for keeps!

Easy to handle pom poms for little fingers and some white glue. These are easy to make and absolutely adorable too!

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