Vintage and retro interior design are such an interesting study. The trends of seventies were so unique. Elements like Panton chairs, shag rugs, atomic designs, wall paper in psychedelic prints, and the celebration of color. Pink, purple, green, yellow they came together in such unusual combinations. It was a time for unapologetic display. Loud colors and individualistic style. A break away from previous trends.

Always been fascinated with vintage stuff, I love the quirkiness and boho feel from the seventies. The elevated hearth, avacado green living room and the absolute favorite, conversation pits. Enjoy a selection of designs from the seventies, these were some of the coolest years.

Love the shag rug and red fireplace. Everything is so on trend! The egg chairs and panel wall. The atomic inspired art on the wall is so typical of the decade.

Seventies was also know for its Flower Power! Bright colors and floral motif, pink cool. This would be perfect even today on a focal wall, just the right amount of kitschy.

Absolutely unique of the era, conversation pits! I would love it any day :) Depressed section of flooring with built in seating. Those yellow and orange might be jarring but the pit, adore!

Shag rug and low seating. This place looks rather stylish and comfortable in its own way. Very boho chic and a simple sophistication. Imagine entertaining here!

Absolutely vibrant, eye popping blues! What really caught my eye was how the curtain is incorporated into the wall art. What interesting times, love the mushroom seat though.

Known for its obsession for bright colors and psychedelic prints this bedroom is straight from the seventies. The colors are bright and an unusual combination, yellow, purple and pink! 

Exposed wall was another feature from the 70s decor. This exposed rock wall is simply stunning. A few furniture pieces and it has the ultimate comfortable cozy feel.

Avacado green and elevated fireplace. A open plan living room, simple open shelves and an absolutely radical design chair. Seventies was know for its contradiction.

Sleek Scandinavian with bold black and gold wall paper. The 70s was all about finding individuality, its uniqueness lied in its contradictions. Combination of gold and black is gorgeous!

Brown, rust and bronze are the dominant colors in this dining room. The chairs are my favorite! It has a very posh stylish feel and the dining set would be perfect even today.

A really fun accent, terrarium ottoman. These are inflatable, how much cooler can it be! An absolutely unique furniture piece. Love the bizarre feel, just calls to me :)

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