The color Red is so full of energy and cheery, including it in your home decoration color palette should not be too difficult. The color could be a bold bright, or a more soothing version of pastel and pinks. The fact that it looks amazing in combination with colors like white, black, green, yellow et al should be a good incentive to experiment with this popping color.

The decor ideas included here, are based mostly on bold red, and it would help you get an idea about using it as a focal color, specially when combining with neutrals like white, beige, and against wooden textures. This color has so much potential to bring energy and sophistication to any style of decoration.

Floral red retro inspired wall paper! This is loud and cheerful, perfect flamboyance for a focal wall in an all white and neutrals living room. Fits with modern stylish decor.

A large red pendant style light looks amazing! Red as accent color is a great choice, specially with neutrals and pastel colors. The combination of pink, purple and red is lovely!

The unusual feature wall with a rug looks absolutely exotic! Pick a color shade for the wall from your chosen rug,this way it is more put together and adds neat sophistication.

Red adds the perfect dose of drama to an all white room. Lovely red and white with a little of beige. The vertical striped wall trick adds height, while white reflects making it more spacious!

Give an old bench, or feature furniture a perk up! Paint is red, and it will no longer be be in the background. It would look absolutely charming against exposed wood.

Simple elegance. Burgundy and red brings a distinct richness to this bedroom. Easy tip, keep the curtain and bedspread in matching schemes, in different sets for the year round!

Love the crazy scheme of stripes, floral and bold red. Absolutely unique and oh so chic! This is not for the conformists, a distinct individual style. I can't gush enough over it :-)

Red has a way of brightening up any corner, its festive and has been celebrated as a color of love! Bring out mercury votive in red for a special dinner or just as everyday glamor.

Brighten up a dinner table with these gorgeous dinnerware in red, black and white! Another good way to include a little of red, if you are just experimenting. Perfect for Christmas!

A bunch of red roses that won't fade away! Red roses are perfect decoration for so many occasions. Indulge in some prettiness, its a good way to perk up. Love!

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