Sometimes I hesitate before posting a home. It might be because one or two of the rooms are not my style or there is something I definitely don't like even though I might love the rest of the house. Well, on this occasion this is my dilemma. I am against the display of dead animals, be it a head upon a wall or a hide on the floor. However, I've chosen to post it because I love the home more than I dislike stuffed animals (maybe the duck isn't stuffed?) and animal heads on walls.

So, here you have it, a lovely home in Belgium, just a few km from Brussels.

And today I'd also like to thank my friend Greet from Belgian Pearls who is a sweetie pie and recommended Inspiring Interiors to her readers in her post yesterday. If you don't know her blog yet (I'm sure you all do!) do yourself a favour and visit her. Each one of her posts is a gem, or rather a pearl. Thanks, Greet! ♥


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