Hey everyone! I am really excited about Christmas, and everytime I see holiday decorations elegant and unique for my readers I bookmark them. Holiday decoration is so much fun, specially when you have so many ways to decorate. I have been looking for ideas that would work great in apartments as well as bigger spaces specially on a budget.

Check out my post on Unique Christmas trees , and Pine cone decoration projects which are absolutely in style and elegant.

I am amazed at the creativity ! Frosty colors, cutest little corner in the town. This Christmas tree is so unique and perfect for small spaces and apartment or dorms. Those looking for a really inspiring idea, this is just the one.

How much fun can a family have on holidays? How about a bucket of popcorn and strings of marshmallows and popcorn on the tree,as you catch your favourite Christmas movie. A perfect decoration project to get your children involved, memories are made of happy times spent together.

String together a bunch of glass baubles on a ribbon. A budget way of decoration that is stunning and creative . Spray paint bottles get some flowers and you have your pretty Christmas setting. Perfect for small places and empty wall. Christmas decoration so unique.

Do you have a bunch of baubles lying around. How about this stunning yet simple decoration for the dining room. No need to get a special chandelier when you can have such a lovely decoration. Christmas is so much fun when you have your little creative projects to show off. Pretty and simple!

Another beautiful idea for pretty Christmas decoration. Decorate your staircase with goodies in coffee mugs, more colorful more the fun :) Tie them up with cute ribbons. Perfect!


Beautiful wreath made with pinecones and black baubles. Such a statement wherever you decorate it.The huge size and different color scheme is what makes it so unique and impressive.

 How pretty does this corner look? Hanging stocking on a branch, a great decoration idea for apartments and smaller places. These look adorable and love the little details in it. My fav :)

I love how cozy and festive this look is. The setting is just perfect for the holidays. The ornaments handing from the stairs to the glass baubles with tea lights. Make your own with bell jars and bottles, get creative.

I have already put up a few posts and will be doing a few more. Get the most while decorating this Christmas, get creative and crafty and there will be more ideas to inspire you right here.


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