Baroque is style that will never go out of fashion! Its ornate lines, curves and sheer opulence is seductive. Its dramatic and abundantly stylish, a style that brings a lot of appeal to any space. Check out this theme inspired post for more ideas.

Baroque style decor includes elements like baroque floral inspired wall paper, rugs and upholstery. Gorgeous venetian mirror, and expensive gold and silver accents. Rich texture and color add visual elegance, and it is even called the decor of royalty.

Satiny brown wall and an absolutely stunning baroque style golden headboard. Love the colors together and the acrylic table lamps is the perfect addition. A lovely seamlessly luxurious baroque bedroom!

A really simple to recreate, black and white baroque style living room. A perfectly in sync mirrored side table. Love the play of contrast colors in print. Love the simplicity of execution. Chic!

Lovely pastel floral hallway decor. Pink and black pop against the neutral background. There is a lot of going on with solid colors, stripes and floral but it just comes together beautifully! Love :)

This is perfect for royalty, and that might just be you! Cherubs, ivory and gold, it cannot get more baroque than this. The gilt and ivory is a posh combination, the ornate lines makes it even more sophisticated.

Mirrored furniture have a simple elegance, together with the venetian mirror its just so eye catching. This corner vanity is perfect for a diva!

A more modern, neo baroque interpretation for those who love contemporary. Easy to create, black and white floral wall paper. A matching carpet and some bright pops of color. Easy style!

A lovely Parisian style mantel decorated in baroque style. The symmetry in delftware is soothing and the colors have a subtle elegance. It is so exotic and completely put together. Major envy!

Though the colors here are not actually intense, however the motif on wallpaper is typically baroque style and the curves of sofa also falls in the same decor style. Love the variations of teal and gray. A fav!

The flamboyance of hot pink and black! This is no holds barred styling in two colors. With white as canvas the intense colors look absolutely dramatic and the styling is expensive. So unique!

A beautiful French style home office. The vintage distressed bureau looks perfect against the soft pastel green wall paper. The gilded mirror and gold scrolled arm chair is right out of the era. Vintage opulence.

If you are on a budget but would not like to miss out on the unique decor style, add little accent pieces to your existing decor. A rich silk accent cushion is the perfect way to draw attention to a wing chair.

Even more ingenious, use decal murals to add the hint of baroque to your walls. Its cost effective and a perfect diy project!

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