Gothic decoration is unique and packs a lot of impact! If you love trying edgy and a bit of drama in your decor, this surely is worth consideration. There are so many interpretation, from architecture to color schemes, unique features and a sense of mystery. This is my interpretation of this stunning theme decor.

Surely Halloween has put me in the mood to explore Gothic too, but my understanding is very limited. Enjoy these unusual delights!

The pointed arch is one of the most important characteristic of Gothic architecture. The canopy bed and the spartan bedroom in black and white is surely evocative!

Amazed by this installation. Every day objects come together on shelves to create this interesting skull design!

Black and amethyst are a good combination for Gothic decor. A stylish decor, with just the perfect dose of romance and mystery. Candles and candlesticks are perfect choice for accessory.

Gorgeous decor here. The matte black is an amazing backdrop and the hint of purple is the perfect color for this modern Gothic decor. Love the ledge and b&w pictures!

A good idea for makeover! Find an interesting bureau and paint it black (surface damage no problem!) use a decal or simply trace a Goth design and paint it metallic.

Add a new twist, how about glow in the dark!

Wood is a good choice when looking at Gothic features. Make it a little more interesting, add mosaic mirror to the staircase. Its eerie and creative at the same time :o)

Purple and black is popular color combination. This Christmas decor is so unique as its part Gothic with so many elements of Gothic decoration. Very enticing!

Gothic is not just black and ornate, it is stunning and stylish! The simple addition of pointed arc glass accent adds a subtle touch of Gothic. So chic and elegant.

This might not be the perfect Goth decor, but its black and teal walls are so visually striking! The ornate fireplace and black furniture add to the mysterious appeal!

Cute black bird for Halloween and Gothic decor. An easy craft, bunch of black craft paper and some time is all you need. Adorable!

via Etsy

And as always, add a touch of this interesting decor to your life! what an idea, the whole setup is so funky and dramatic. Imagine a holiday red punch for Halloween maybe?! ;)


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