Easter is a great time to get crafty!! Kids love Easter and in keeping with their enthusiasm and the tradition of Easter eggs here are a some awesome ways. Make some cute animals, birds and other adorable critters! When you have so many eggs and plastic eggs at hand using them for some cute craft is perfect way to spend time.

There are a lot of ideas that I would be posting here and subsequent posts too. Pick your favorite animals, create a complete animal farm, bird mobiles, bunnies, sheep and little babies! Have the most fun happy time crafting! Ideas from Family fun and Martha Stewart.

Love vintage and this is an amazing collection of quirky cute ideas for Easter craft! Easy to more elaborate, something for all ages. Love!!

Supplies: Eggs + Acrylic Paint supplies + Sequins + Felt flowers + Felt scraps + Wool Felt + Ribbon + Baby sock (or knitting expert!) + Pom Poms!

Every kid's favorite- Easter Bunny! This is such a simple craft and looks absolutely adorable! Great for little hands and does not take too long to make too :c)

Supplies : Egg + Pom poms + Paper/Felt ears + Glue dots + Curling ribbon (green for carrots) + Paper shreds + Sharpie pen!

If the Easter bunny is here, how can the sheep be far behind! Such a cute one too.. love the little cutie!

Supplies : Brown Egg + Cotton Balls + Tacky Glue + Brown Pipe cleaners + Paper ears + Sharpie pen.

Mamma pig and baby pig having fun in the puddle! There is something so quirky yet cute about little pink pigs :c)

Supplies : Eggs (Pink) + Buttons/round cardboard (Pink) + Pink Pipe cleaners + Pink cord for tail (dip in glue and curl around straw till dry) + Crepe paper ears.

Promised you a whole farm of animals for Easter! There are some really cute ones here, specially like the Owl and Skunk!

Supplies : Plastic colored eggs + Felt + Play dough balls (tiny feet) + Wool (tails) + Glue + Sharpie pen!

This itty bitty chick is an easy fun project! Googly eyes and a heart for feet, it can't get any cuter :c)

Supplies : Plastic Egg + Card stock (wings, beak) + Cardboard (feet) + Googly eyes + Thread (bunched)

Hard boiled eggs dyed a pretty pastel are perfect to make little birdies in a nest! It might also work as a centerpiece or you may wish to make a nest for each guest ;)

Supplies : Dyed eggs/wooden/plastic + Crepe paper (beak, wings ) + Paper shreds (brown) + Sharpie pen.

Since so much of fun activities happen outdoors in Easter, a pretty bee mobile is a good decoration idea. You could use plastic eggs and poke hole with a hot needle or use raw eggs hollowed out.

Supplies : Plastic eggs (yellow)/ Eggs + Paints (yellow, Black) + Black tape (plastic egg) + Thread + Crepe paper wings + Sharpie pens.

Love this happy colorful flock of birds. I love upcycling projects and this one is just so sweet! All you would need are  empty egg carton and craft store feathers. Perfect in the tradition of dyed eggs!

Instructions > here

These are just a few of the ideas for Easter activity and craft decorations. There are more to come, enjoy every bit of planning and creating little master pieces with your kids! Holidays are always more fun when spent together :c)