Its going to be Valentine's day soon! There are so many holiday craft ideas floating around. Here are some amazing diy/craft ideas for sweet little gifts and easy decor accessories for the special day! Unique hand made cards and thoughtful gifts have a beautiful sentimental value. Its like holding a tangible piece of appreciation and emotion.

Cute, quirky and sweet; choose the ideas that express you best and have fun making these little valentine's craft. This post has some great ideas for teen and young adults too who would like to try their hands at craft.

Cute Valentines idea for friends at school. Perfect for elementary kids, its cute and sensible too. Really easy and affordable!

Kids love candy, and this is super sweet and simple. Falls perfectly right in the tradition of hearts and flowers on Valentine's day!

Another beautiful variation of lollipop valentine's favour. Little girls love butterflies and Pink. You can customize it with colorful stickers, glitter and colored card-stock.

Instructions here

Love the quirky cute lollipop moustache and red lips! Get card stock, trace, cut and punch holes. It's a fairly easy valentine idea and sure to get lots of giggles. Make them in different colors for more fun :c)

My favourite craft idea by far! Use toilet paper/paper towel roll and card-stock. The craft is quite simple when broken down in steps. These would look so great displayed on desk tops .

Instructions here

If your kids love drawing, and would love someone to teach them draw, THIS is for you! So many cute drawings and the best part its all done with Numbers and Alphabets.

Step by step instruction to create an adorable Valentine's day Card! Love it!!!

 Instructions here

Easy Valentines day card with hearts and cute themes. Hand made cards add a personal touch too. Add embellishments and detailing for a more elaborate look.

Easy 'Hearts on a string' bunting. Perfect accessory to glam up any corner for Valentine's day. Garlands are a great holiday craft!

Another easy variation of Heart bunting without glue/tape. Need paper strips & a stapler. It's a super quick craft, gorgeous in any color. Use them as garland, hang them by the window or mantel.

Love Birds on Valentine's day! These will look so cute when displayed. There might be space to stick a secret message just under the bird's body. Very unusual and creative!

A beautiful keepsake on Valentine's day. This shadow box is so romantic yet elegant in its simplicity! A perfect way to delight your partner. In such refined taste!

Add a festive touch  to Valentine's day event! String paper hearts on wire/string to decorate any candle or votive. Use glitter and spangles to add more pop.

Elegant heart luminary. Plain brown paper bags or use colorful party supplies, punch hearts/use x acto knife and you are done! Iron on a warm setting if you end up wrinkling the bag too much ;c) Perfect for a cozy dinner table.

Lovely sequin Hearts on a string as bookmark! These are useful and absolutely stunning. Easy craft project for teens. Could also use them as bracelets or hair tie (replace string with elastic cord).