Dear readers, I'm back from my holidays in Chapadmalal but this doesn't mean my holidays stop here. Now we're in Buenos Aires for a few days, then we are going to New York and Washington DC for a week, then back to BA until February 6th when we go back to Brazil and then yes my holidays will be over (gotta love holidays!).

I promise I will do my best and post as often as possible. I'd like to thank you all for your lovely comments while I was away. I'll be visiting you right after I publish today's post.

Today's house is a soothing dream located in Malaga, Spain. It belongs to Dutch interior designer Madelon Verheu who used a soft palette and earth colours to make her dream summer home a relaxing place to enjoy with her family and friends.

And it's tour time once again my friends!

Hope you enjoyed our first tour of the year!

All images from here.