It is important that Mirror not only be used in bathrooms and bedroom but for decorating any space in the entire house !

It is specially useful to bring the light because of being reflective in nature and it create an impression of space. So whether its your balcony or hallway, over your living area..add it to any space and it will jazz it up in no time !!

Mirrors come in all shapes and size and its framing gives you the satisfaction of designing it according to your taste. Make it wooden, line it with shells and pebbles or use any metal...just go on and be creative.

Budget restraints ??!!?? Not to worry a simple assembly of mirrors can turn any stark corner into an interesting one !! You would love to look into it and admire :)

Put flowers or interesting nick knacks and the reflection will make the piece of decoration twice more beautiful.

Its sober as much as classy !! It speaks of style..get one for your room today and watch it transform.

It suits all age groups so just keep changing the layout and make it quirky !!

Plane Glass might be not enough so get some beveled and mix them up as shown below..

See how beautifully it reflects the light and adds romance to this simple setting !

Interesting framing and choice of color can be an easy way to effortless chic.

Use them in singles or get a group of them in different shapes and hang them on to your wall..They have the added advantage of being easy to dismount and keep rearranging at your will !!

So Classy !!

Uber cool and totally fun..such an easy installation.


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